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For Sale:  Fairmont MF14 Inspection Car 


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Fairmont MF14 Inspection Car  It's an original 4 man motor car that comes with a used fiberglass cab without doors. Needs some TLC. Engine turns freely. Has original crank. Wheels have a good profile. Brake shoes still have wear left. Wheel wipers intact. Tow bar and two aluminum lifting handles. Has been out of weather for years, in storage. Needs a replacement gas tank. Original name plates intact.

Asking $ 6,200 or best offer. Cash or bank certified check only. Inspection by appointment, leaving for FL 12/28/15. Buyer responsible for loading and transportation.  Contact me.



For Sale:  14' Thayer Hull Steam Launch


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14' Thayer Hull Steam Launch with new ASME VFT Code boiler & Stuart 5A steam engine that needs some TLC. Have mahogony seats and plan on cleaning and painting interior & top. All wood has been cleaned/sanded/varnished. Trailer has new axle and wheels/tires.

$10,000 OBO​.  No Paypal accepted. Contact me using the form below.




For Sale:  E.H. Wachs Steam Engine


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E.H. Wachs Steam Engine about 7 HP.

$2,500. Cash or bank check only. No Paypal accepted. Contact me using the form below.



For Sale:  Two Metropolitan Injectors



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2 - Metropolitan Injectors which were in working order when removed from Baldwin Steam locomotive 20 years ago and they still are in great condition and lever moves freely.

$1,800 each or $3,000 for the pair. Cash or bank check only. No Paypal accepted.   SOLD  









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