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For Sale:  Caboose Chairs

Reduced to $495

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6 reversible caboose / train chairs for sale. With the switch of a lever, the backs of the chairs will 'swing' from one side to the the other and the seat cushions also adjust. They were salvaged from old L&N caboose and have been professionally re-upholstered in heavy grade black and gray synthetic ( looks and feels like leather ) material. They can either be completely black, or the back can be swung to a gray side bordered by black ( see picture ). They are in great condition. I have seen these in 'poor' condition sell for $300 to $400 each.

$750 Reduced to $495  per chair. Will entertain any serious offer. I would like to sell all six as a set, but would consider selling in sets of two. They weigh, at least, 70 pounds apiece and are bulky. Shipping would be tricky. It would be best to pick them up, but I would be willing to discuss delivering them within a days driving distance ( 500 miles ) for the person that takes all six, or split the distance for sets of two. Contact me using the form below.













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