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For Sale:  Railroad Items





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 The following railroad items are for sale.  These items are(looking for a good home.

  • Steam Locomotive steps. History unknown. (make an offer)

  • RR crossing sign $50     SOLD  

  • Southern RR Sign (make an offer)     SOLD  

  • Wagon Train Race picture "Horse Power" (make an offer)

  • Framed poster of Tweetsie $50     SOLD  

  • #4 reproduction plate brass. $500    SOLD  

  •  'J' reproduction plate brass.. .$100    SOLD  

  • 2 sets of #4 headlight plates.. $50 for the set   SOLD  


 Shipping to be paid for by the buyer. Located in the Charlotte, NC area.  Contact me.


For Sale:  Complete 7.5" ga. Steam Train & Trailer



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Steam locomotive designed and painted in the image of Tweetsie Locomotive #12 at the Tweetsie RR theme park in Boone NC. Built, designed and run by the late owner in the Charlotte, NC area. It ran on many tracks mostly in the Southeast area, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina and the mountains of the Blue Ridge of NC. Most of the machining done by the owner but some done by Herring Engineering, Inc.

  • Coal fired

  • 7.5 gauge

  • Runs at 130 PSI

  • Has pulled as many as 44 cars in Ft. Myers Florida

  • Some materials used on this engine are reclaimed parts off the original Tweetsie

  • Little Tweetsie took over 2 years to complete

  • Boiler last certified in 2011 

    Comes with a barrel of coal, a water filtration system, steam additives and blue prints.

Kimberly Car
This is a reproduction of the first class parlor car "Azalea" which ran on the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad. It was named "Kimberly" in honor of late owner's wife and the Barbie in the back is in commemoration of her profession as a Sign Language Interpreter. With interior trimmed in 24K gold leaf, the Kimberly took 2 years to build.

Combine 15 Car
This is a reproduction of the 3-way RPO express car "Combine 15" which ran on the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad. Materials from the original car were used in its construction. In 1919 Tweetsie was making a morning run outside of Boone, NC when the train hit a wash-out near Shull's Mills leaving Combine 15 suspended in mid air off tracks. This event made its place in Ripley's Believe It or Not.
Both cars are outfitted with working lights operated by batteries (included).

Comes with 2004 enclosed cargo trailer 6' x 12' with 1.5' v nose, ramp door and side door, fitted with tracks and stabilizing brackets and is where locomotive resides now. 

Asking price is $60,000 including engine, tinder, both cars and trailer. Charlotte, NC area. Write me to inspect or ask any questions. Contact me using the form below.









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