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For Sale:
 14-16" ga.
Train Wheels


14” Miniature Train Wheels, 17 altogether. They are not all exactly alike but we purchased as a group for our 14 in railroad. They are being sold as part of the liquidation of the Brown County Railroad Museum in Morgantown, Indiana. They weigh 8 pounds each.

The Price is $350 for all and I will not separate.  Shipping to be arranged. We are located in central Indiana. Contact us using the form below.   SOLD


For Sale:
 14" ga. (14-16") Galloping Goose

 Reduced to $4,500


It is with a heavy heart that we are selling our own version of the Galloping Goose.  It really captures the spirit of the “C” cab track inspections cars popular in the west.  It has been a hit on our railroad for several years.  It is battery powered and has a top speed that goes at a fast walk, perfect for a beginning engineer. Its “guts” are kind of like a golf car on steroids with lots of torque for hills or for pulling another car. Extras include a loud horn, cab lights, head and taillights, and blue ground effects lights for night running. It is currently 14” gauge, but the wheels could be moved out to accomplish 15 or 16-inch gauge with modest effort.         

 If you would like to see it running go to our facebook page: “Brown County Railroad Museum”. I will be uploading additional pictures and a movie to this page.

The Price is $5,500  Reduced to $4,500  and we are located in central Indiana. Contact us using the form below.


For Sale:
 Pennsylvania Caboose Marker Lamps



Two early 1900’s Caboose Marker Lamps with railroad holders. One is an Adlake, non-sweating Lamp, Chicago and the other is a Handlan, St Louis.  Both have the Pennsylvania keystone in a small raised emblem on the side.  They both have the Kerosene burner intact.


 $650 for the pair plus $40 shipping. Reduced to $450 for the pair plus $80 shipping  Located in central Indiana. Contact us using the form below.   SOLD


For Sale:
 Antique Railroad Luggage Cart



Great for displays or part of signage for any railroad related business.  (It can also haul things! It has been beautifully restored with original parts used when possible. Provenance can be traced to the Union Station at Indianapolis, Indiana. They are being sold as part of the liquidation of the Brown County Railroad Museum in Morgantown, Indiana (visit on Facebook for additional pictures).

The Price is $1200. Located in central Indiana.  Contact us using the form below. SOLD  



For Sale:
 14” Gauge Steam Railroad-Ready to Run

 Reduced to $35,000 


14” Gauge Steam Railroad-Ready to Run.

This high quality railroad was previously for sale and thought sold, but is now on the market again. It originally ran in Illinois and was run one week out of the year for many years.  At the Brown County Railroad Museum it ran half-days on the weekends only so the engine and train have had rather light use.  The railroad is located in Morgantown, Indiana one hour south of Indianapolis.


The Iron Pony, a 14” gauge coal fired steam locomotive.  Mr. A.C. Otto of Sandwich, Illinois, who was a master craftsman, completed the engine in 1951. The engine is a 4-4-4-wheel configuration that is termed a ‘Jubilee’. It has a 3X4 bore and stoke, a riveted boiler (with the exception of the firebox) and develops 150 PSI.  It was built to American Society of Mechanical Engineer’s specifications that were present at the time of its construction. It had a boiler inspection some time ago in Illinois, but no inspection has been required in Indiana.   The boiler is very well built and has no issues, but is not a ‘code’ boiler.
This is a very user-friendly steamer and is great for teaching new engineers. It can be run using compressed air and then fired-up to “run like the big ones”. It also has the speed and power for the experienced engineer. The two injectors provide a reliable source of water and the tender capacity is generous. The steam capacity is also generous so that an engineer does not have to be continuously ‘firing” the engine. It is reliable and consistent for an all day run.

Rolling Stock

Four cars are included in this train and one has been modified to carry a full size wheelchair. It has a drop-side, wheel locks and seatbelt. The train pulls all four cars on a level surface and three cars up a 1 1/2 % grade.  All have had a recent paint job with industrial paint and carpeting on the floors.  They are very stable and will hold eight children or four large adults with no problem. Cars maybe entered from either side.  One car has new prototypical air brakes that could be expanded to other cars.


There is over 1300 feet of 12-pound rail and three switches down. There is a 100 + foot trestle that could also be dismantled and reused.

The railroad is located in Morgantown, Indiana one hour south of Indianapolis. Terms of removal and payment are to be negotiated, however some assistance may be available to help dismantle and move the track.

 So many steam engines are “projects” or “need work”. This train is in excellent condition and is ready to run. It has been used very gently.  We would be happy to fire up this engine for serious inquiries (we really like firing up for just about any occasion!). This would be a great train for a private collection or a Live Steam Museum.  Movies of the Iron Pony may be seen on our Face book page: Brown County Railroad Museum.  Additional pictures are available. This is rare opportunity to own your own, park size railroad that is dependable, is excellent condition, priced reasonably and just plain fun to run.

Price is $55,000.  Reduced to $35,000   Contact us using the form below.


For Sale:  1.5" scale Cast Wheels


 click images

9” Spoke Drive Wheels for 1½“ scale locomotive. These castings are at least 1” thick and weigh approximately 12 pounds.

We have many of them cast for a Wagner locomotive project and are asking $45.00 each plus shipping. (4 should fit in a prepaid mailer for about $20.00) We are located in Morgantown Indiana.

4” wheels for 1½” scale rolling stock. made from Wagner Patterns. These are 1¼” thick and weight approximately 5 pounds. We have many that were going to be used for another project that has been postponed.

They are $15.00 each plus shipping and handling. We are located in Morgantown Indiana.  Contact us using the form below.









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