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Two 7.5 ga. Heavy Duty Riding Cars

 Reduced to $805 each


(2) Heavy Duty Riding cars. 5 feet long. Black wrinkle powder coated, diamond plated footboards, removable padded upholstered bench topper. These are perfectly balanced cars and have provided many a safe passage for our guests. They have been stored out of the elements in our car barn, in a dry So Cal environment. They come with 2 couplers each. Trucks and bolsters are not included.

$950.00 each.  Reduced to $805 each FOB Loma Linda CA.
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7.5 ga. 0-4-0 Steam Outline in 1.5" scale


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0-4-0 Steam Outline w/powered Tender Inspired By Disneyland's E.P. Ripley

This scratch built project is 7 1/2" gauge loco and tender. She is almost ready to ride! It is made entirely of steel and has been powder coated. The operator will sit directly over the 1 hp 4 wheel powered truck inside the tender. The truck is a BRAND NEW Real Trains engineered truck, powered by a Lessons 12 volt electric motor.

  • I am aware of the following parts / labor that need to be done before she is ready to go:

  • 12 volt deep cycle battery

  • Controller

  • Wiring

  • Front truck on tender (set up for Real Trains bolt up)

  • Equalize weight on loco (she is front heavy)

  • Drawbar or couplers

Be advised that being an untested design, this may require some disassembly, machining, engineering, etc. More pictures upon request. Located in SoCal. Will ship and crate at buyers cost.    Asking $3900 SOLD







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