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For Sale:  B14 from Chance Manufacturing


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For Sale Fully restored  running  engine and 3 cars 1959 Ottaway? Chance Mfg  B14 one of 15 made  , 12" gauge. Harold Chance  built 15 B14's from 1958 -1964, (12" to 15" gauge)  these sturdy well built little trains have been pulling happy paying customers for over 50 years.  B 14's rarely trade hands, several are in their original installed locations.   The train has been running commercially for the past 5 years  at Watson Station  Railroad in Missouri Valley Iowa. You can see the train run at Note: only two coaches shown in video. Train includes: engine, 2 coaches and an observation.  Sorry, no track or rail available. 

 Price $25,000. Located in Missouri Valley Iowa.   SOLD 


MTC G-16 Car Bodies

MTC Miniature Train Corporation  G-16  coaches and observation bodies circa 1950's.   Observation and 3 coaches are left hand load and one additional coach is right hand load.  All bodies will need some steel metal work to make them rail worthy. No trucks or couplers just sheet metal bodies.

All 4 coaches and observation  $ 3250. Bring a trailer! Car bodies are located near Chicago for pick up.   SOLD 

Pair of 36" ga. Arch Bar Trucks



Pair of 36" of trucks used at Cedar Point railroad in the 60's . Look to be in very good condition ready for many more year use under your car body . Located in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Price for pair $ 5,000.00   I


Miniature Train E10 and G12 Shell Bodies



MT& RC   Miniature Train & Railroad Co  G 12 / E 10  shell train.  Bodies ready for you to add trucks and motor of your choice, shop the various vendors of Discoverlivesteam  for truck and power drive choices.  Several of these trains have been converted for 7 1/2 - 7 1/4" gauge operations .    Engine G 12  shell  18 1/2" wide  126" long about 17 " high ( body only)  the extra 2" width over a E10 engine will be appreciated by all but the very skinny . Engine comes with recast MTC nose wing and recast horns.  Car bodies date to the late 30's  with the early body styles , very rare full baggage, coach and observation coaches are 78" pin to pin  length , 16 1/2" wide and  15 1/2" high .   Steel is all in good condition ( one  small rust line in engineers seat) .  The cars each seat 4 kids each  so total pulling capacity 12  plus engineer. For adults  boards can be placed atop the roof ridge  preferably over trucks  for support.   E10 's were originally electrically operated on a 32 volts dc  transformer, being leased for the holiday seasons 1936- early 70s'. Millions of happy smiling kids rode in these trains over the years.   4 shell bodies  G12 engine , E10 baggage, coach, observation   as is where is  $ 2000. 


Miniature Train Company (MTC) E10

(red unit)


Miniature Train & Railroad Co. E10 stream-liner   #32 circa 1947 engine, 4 coaches , observation, circle or 10" track, and step down transformers.  The E10 was designed for running in the major department stores  during the Christmas and Easter holiday seasons 1936- 1970's   millions of children rode these trains.  MT&RC ( later MTC) only leased the trains till Allan Herschell sold off the the complete leasing business and the 36  E 10 trains.  The E 10 has a DC 32 volt motor  drawing current from the track  just like model trains  with a step down transformer  (two included 110 and 220 volt) . The train has always been stored inside .  Train is complete with trucks, windows frames, MTC wing casting, observation drum head , etc .  There are 8 sections of track making about a 20' diameter circle in 10"   steel T rail with wood ties. I'll include 4 MTC G12 straights which can be used by stripping the rail and adding new wood ties.   

The locomotive is one of the few surviving with original electric motor intact (many E10 were later modified for gas motors). So if you want the perfect indoor railroad to impress the world with and give the kids a ride with here you go !  Or perhaps set it up at the holidays  in commercial service as it was  for many years several million kids can not be wrong.   

Located in Chicago.  Price  10,500.00    Reduced to $10,000   SOLD 


Miniature Train Company (MTC) G12
(gray unit)



For Sale  MTC (Miniature Train Corporation) # 355 1950 G12 engine , 2 coaches, observation, loop of track. # 355 was sold to the Joyland Drive-In, Florence Alabama in 1950. It has been primed with a very tough primer and ready to paint in your favorite colors or MTC stock park colors (modified SP daylight).  Train has all it trim parts, window frames, horns, marker lights, etc.  All stock wheels, trucks, and original drive train.  Included 12  curves (circle) and 16 straight track.  All steel is rock solid  and straight . Name plates still on several of the cars.  I have not tried to start the engine but I was told when I bought it in 2006 it had been rebuilt. Train is located in Chicago.

Price  12,500.00  Reduced to $12,000     SOLD 


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