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For Sale:  Bell from 1929 Pacific Coast Shay

 Reduced to $5,700


1929 Pacific Coast Shay steam locomotive bronze bell. Bell is 14.5" in diameter. All history included, engine number, railroads operated on and year and place of scrapping. Professionally restored and ready to go on a locomotive or in your living room! The steel bushings installed by the railroad because of wear in trunnions have been replace with bronze bushings. Inside of bell has two ding marks from when it was on the locomotive and two from when it was refurbished in the 1950's when it came off of the locomotive. Very small dings. The bell was rarely rung. There were only 24 Pacific Coast Shay locomotives produced by Lima and there are only 5 left. Only two of them are operable. Only two were produced without auto air ringers installed on them. This is one of them. No holes drilled in the bracket for the auto air operated ringer mechanism. This is your chance to own a rare, original and complete Pacific Coast Shay bell assembly.

$8,000.  Reduced to $5,700  Bell is in British Columbia, Canada.  Contact me using the form below.










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