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For Sale:  1.6" scale GP-40
either 7-1/4" or 7-1/2" ga.


1.6" scale GP-40's offered for sale. Can be either 7 1/4", or 7 1/2" gauge. These are powered with either a Briggs 16hp V twin, pictured, or with Precision Railroad Products 48 volt electric drive system. These are 17" wide over the cab window shades, 25" tall over the horns, and 95" long over the couplers. The gas/hydraulic version has an Eaton model 11 pump controlled with a joy stick for forward and reverse, with 1 Eaton hydraulic motor on each truck chain and sprocked to all axles. A hand held control box to control headlight high and low beam, horn, and bell. All electrical wires are color coded, and a wiring diagram is included. The gasoline tank is plastic, so you never have to worry about rust building up in your carburetor. The exhaust is so quiet, the hydraulic pump can be heard over the exhaust. The whole exhaust system is wrapped with black graphite exhaust insulating wrap. The difference in heat under the body is beyond words. The frame is constructed from interlocking sections of 1/4" laser cut steel. The body is 16 gage laser cut steel. Precision Steel Car door latches, horn, and MU hoses on the front of the locomotive.

The Precision Rail Products electric drive system, the ONLY electric powered locomotive drive system supplier with a warranty, powers this locomotive with a 15hp electric motor above the deck, 48 volts via 4 -12 volt deep cycle batteries, and has a built in battery charger. The mechanical drive for the chassis features ball bearing Tol-O-Matic right angle drives on the trucks with a heavy duty drive shaft mounted under the chassis. The base price for the electric version is $14,000.00. including the frame and trucks painted per buyers colors, so the chassis is complete and ready to run. The locomotive body is in primer, and for an extra charge, can be painted to any road name.

These GP-40's along with the rest of the locomotives and cars in the product line are proudly made in Michigan by Big Joe Trains with a team of tool & die makers, electricians, welders, and machinists that total over 300 years in the model railroading hobby. Any questions, just ask.

The base price of the gas/hydraulic version of $12,500.00 includes the frame and trucks painted to the buyers colors, so the chassis is complete, and ready to run. The locomotive body is in primer, and for an extra charge, can be painted to any road name. Located in Flint Michigan. Contact me using the form below.



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