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For Sale:  New Haven Railroad Lock & Key Collection

 Reduced to $450


Images above show front and back. Click to enlarge.

New Haven Railroad Lock And Key collection and various other RR locks & Keys. Total of 15 items.  This is a good starter set to display in any lock and key collection Train Room.

Brass Incised Yale Lock no key. "NY NH & H RR SIG DEPT" which stands for New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Signal Department. The other side is marked Cast letters "Yale". It is marked on the shackle "The Yale & Towne Mfg. Co." on one side, and "Made In The U.S.A." on the other side. It is marked on the top Tumbler Lubricate With Graphite". Estimated value $35.00

New York, New Haven and Hartford brass key not marked. But it is a Roadway Department Key that will unlock a Roadway Department Lock. The NY NH & HRR was in business from 1872 until 1968. Brass Tapered barreled key old style. These locks and keys were manufactured by The Eagle Lock Co. Terryville, Conn. USA. Estimated value $75.00.

NYNH&HRR small Brass (1 3/4 inch high) Corbin signal department ('S. D.') No Key. lock was used to secure interlocking and signal equipment Interlocking switch cabinets and Run down back Lock Time Clocks. Inside SS Towers Signal Stations interlocking towers. The date that these locks went into service is unknown, however, they were used in interlocking towers on the former New Haven Railroad long after the Penn Central merger and Conrail. Estimated value $75.00.

NYNH&HRR Brass Telephone and Telegraph Department Lock no key. 3 inch high cast brass lock, which was made by the Yale and Towne Manufacturing Company. Used on old wooden cases which had terminal connection in them. Difficult harder to find New Haven Lock Estimated Value $150.00.

NYNH&H Switch lock, Adlake No. 2 and older steel unmarked key. PAT 2040488 Lock was made from a combination of cast and stamped steel parts, was made by the Adams and Westlake Company. It measures 3 1/2 inches from top to bottom. Such locks were used to secure switch stands starting in the mid to late 1930s through the Penn Central merger effective January 1st, 1969.Also on Conrail. The lock pops open easily when the key is turned and the spring on the drop is strong. Estimated value lock & key $70.00.

Staten Island Railway Brass Heart Shaped Switch Lock. Marked on Hasp S. I. Ry. No key also has the Number 2 on it. Missing the rain cover. This is a rare and hard to find lock. Estimated value $200.00

The Staten Island Railway is the lone commuter rail service in the borough of Staten Island. The Staten Island Railway, a line from Clifton to Tottenville, at its southern tip. (The railway had been completed in 1860 and was one of Cornelius Vanderbilt's early properties. Louisville And Nashville Railroad L&NRR No. K2 Adlake Switch Lock and L&N mi Marked Brass Key. Made by the Adams and Westlake Company. Construction same as above lock. PAT 2040482 nice and clean in working order. Estimated value $70.00.

ERIE Railroad Pocket worn Brass barreled switch key. Marked ERIE S. Good old key maybe you have the lock. Estimated value $35.00.

Unmarked Brass barreled railroad switch key they were made for MNCRR switch locks the locks were made in Portugal. Estimated value $7.00.

Next two keys used on MNCRR older ones. Metro North Commuter Railroad. Larger Brass Engineers Control Key for M2 Electric Train. Manufactured by JLM Co. Estimated value $15.00.

MNCRR Steel Door Key and for access to door control panel. Manufactured by HORNE. Estimated value $10.00. 

2 older Heart Shaped Brass Switch Type Railroad Locks no keys. Both are unmarked both in decent condition. Two nice old antique Brass locks.

Sell price $525  Reduced to $450 for the above collection plus $15.00 to ship.  Preferred payment by USPS Money order or you can pick them up here in Connecticut with cash payment. Contact me using the form below.


For Sale:  1845 Map of New York & New Haven RR

 Reduced to $1800

This map is titled "Exhibiting The Experimental and Located Lines for the New York and New Haven Rail Road." Preliminary Surveys by A. G. Twining Chief Engineer. Assisted by D. L. Harris, J. C. Ehesbroush, E. Shotwell.  Final Location & Construction by R. B. Mason Chief Engineer. Assisted by B. B. Provost, P. Sours. Projected and Drawn by P. Anderson Civil Engr. Scale 1 to 40,000 Feb 1845. Snyder & Black Lithograph, 87 Fulton St. New York.

Paper quality still pretty good. Map is rolled up in one continuous sheet. It was done in sections. A Total of 5 sections that vary from 25 to 27 inch wide.  Height of map 20 inch. Over all approximant length 10 5 Has old scotch tape applied on New York End as seen in picture. Has a few small tears. A few fold creases, has nips and chips on edges.

 $2,200.  Reduced to $1800  Payment via USPS money order. $15.00 to mail with insurance or you can pick it up here in Connecticut with cash payment. Contact me using the form below.


For Sale:  NYNH&HRR Lounge Car Chair

 Reduced to $240

above is an example of a lounge car that is equipped with this style chair

NYNH & HRR (New York New Haven And Hartford Railroad) chair that were in smoking section of lounge cars. Old New Haven Railroad Chair being sold as is needs to be restored. Chair has aluminum frame with blue upholstery which is dirty, soiled and worn.  Chair is 23 wide at seat. Overall height 35 inch. Needs the little foot pads on legs.

Price is $300.  Reduced to $240  Pick up here in East Haven, CT.  Can ship via your shipper, you figure the cost of shipping. Contact me using the form below.


For Sale:  Antique NYNH & HRR Folding Chair

 Reduced to $240


New York New Haven and Hartford Railroad observation platform car folding chair. These types of chairs were used on railroads from the Mid 1880s through the 1930s. This chair needs to be restored, selling as is.

Chair is at seat 13 inch wide. Back rest 16 inch wide. Overall height when opened 34 inch. Chair is soiled sturdy good wooden legs. Frame is heavy forged iron. Upholstery is thick similar to carpet weight. Pattern dark green with design. Chairs also used in Club Polar and Dinning Cars.

Price $300 or best offer.  Reduced to $240  Pick up here in East Haven, CT.  Can ship via your shipper, you figure the cost of shipping. Contact me using the form below.


For Sale:  New Haven Railroad Destination Sign

  Reduced to $570

An original New Haven Railroad Destination Sign. Was displayed in The New Haven Railroad Station. Custom Made With Oak Wood Frame. 31 inch in height X 42 inch wide.  Heavy in weight, a real solid item. One of a kind.

Price $800.  Reduced to $570   Located in East Haven Connecticut. Best if picked up here. To wrap and ship at least $50.00 maybe more. Via UPS or FedEx. Contact me using the form below.







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