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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Pennsylvania Railroad class H21a Hopper

 Reduced to $2,000

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Prototypically correct Pennsylvania Railroad class H21a hopper car. This car is offered R-T-R with trucks and couplers and historically correct lettering and number. This car was manufactured by PRR CARS and assembled by the seller. Upwards of (15) of these cars are available. The car being offered FOR SALE is the one pictured (coupled to the caboose). Car features non-operating pocket doors and dummy air brake equipment, full interior with coal dust added to simulate past coal loadings, unique number and car information and is made primarily of welded steel with some aluminized resin detail castings. It is equipped with TOM BEE couplers and "Andrews" trucks. Trucks are 7-1/2" gauge and the car is 1-1/2" scale.  This particular car that is being offered here belongs to the seller. Additional cars are available from PRR CARS.

NOTE: These cars were built off original Pennsylvania Railroad H21a drawings and every effort was made to make them "rivet-counter" correct. Special dies were made for the side ribs and there are (7) different rivet patterns on these ribs to match the PRR drawings. Many hours of research also went into the numbering, car color, capacity info, build dates and re-build information. Other details were added off available builder photos.

$2,200  Reduced to $2,000   plus shipping and handling and are located in Central Pennsylvania. Contact me using the form below.  Sorry the caboose is wonderful but it's NOT for sale. Sorry there is no track available for sale.







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