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For Sale:  24" ga. National Amusement Device (NAD) Train and Track



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This is a National Amusement Device Gas Train Engine and 3 Coaster style cars. According to the service manual that comes with the train, this is powered by a "Ford tractor with Ferguson System". Approx 1100' of 24 gauge track with most ties. Cross bucks and light posts. The train was purchased new in 1951 for Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania. In 1963 it was purchased by Erieview Park in Geneva on the Lake OH and installed by them in 1964. It was operated by them until 2006 when the park closed. The locomotive engine and cars have been in storage since that time. The train was operational the day we took it off the tracks.

Included are the rail joiner bars, nuts bolts and spikes. There no no switches. We have 3 stacks of track like the photo above and a smaller pile of loose rail.

Here is your chance to own a piece of amusement park history.

$65,000  $44,000  Reduced to $35,000 Make an OFFER Motivated!      Located in NE Ohio. Not willing to split up at this time.






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