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For Sale: 1.5" scale Headlight with Side Markers


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A brand new Headlight casting with the reflector, reflector retaining ring, bag of screws, headlight lens, two lamps and instruction sheet. This headlight is for 12 volt operation. The reflector is 1.5" in diameter, the aluminum headlight casting is 1.875" in diameter and 1.5" deep. The distance across the casting at the number board openings is 1.875". The lamp socket blue wire is 10' long and this lamp is wired for a chassis ground or you can add a return ground wire. This headlight could also be set up using a Halogen lamp.

 Reduced to $35  Including USPS Priority Mail.   SOLD 


For Sale: 1.5" scale Lee Wright Caboose Marker Lights
Not For Sale


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Lee Wright Caboose Marker Lights. These caboose marker lights were hand made by the late, great Lee Wright of Illinois. Lee made these for me about 10 years ago, they are a little tarnished. They are brand new, never installed and are complete. No parts missing, bent, dinged or broken.

They come with six 12 volt lamps. Lee gave me extra lamps to go with the set of markers and I am passing them along. They fit perfectly into the base of the markers and will give an excellent light or glow behind the colored lenses. Of course it takes one lamp in each fixture and they will leave you with four spare lamps. Personally, I would use a resistor in series with the lamps to reduce the operating voltage and the amount of light these lamps will give out. It will greatly increase the life of the lamps. I wouldn't drop the voltage much, maybe a volt would do.

There are also four mounting brackets, two of which would go on the side or end of your caboose. This way if you put a plug or connector on the lamp pigtail wire you could move the markers to a second caboose if you wished. The markers slide into the mounting brackets much like the prototype.

The specs on the two markers are as follows: overall height with the handle wire up is 2.250". with the handle down they are 2.00". Each fixture has four lenses with 3 being green and one red lens. The lenses are .5" in diameter and are not attached to the markers for painting. The tops of the fixtures hinges from one of Lee's hand made hinges and the tops snap securely shut. The diameter of the fixtures is .750".

In picture five I put one of the 12 volt bulbs inside of the fixture so you can see how they fit. These will enhance any caboose they are installed on. Once painted and lighted they will look very nice.

For Sale: 7.5" ga. Jackman Bulkhead Flatcar

 Reduced to $1,300


Tom Jackman built Union Pacific Bulkhead Flat car. This car is a heavy duty built car with Tom Bee Modern Roller Bearing trucks and Tom Bee Sprung Couplers. It is long enough to haul any 40' car such as a box car, flat cars stacked up, caboose, reefer or covered hopper on it's deck. This comes in handy for transportation in your train trailer. I sand blasted this car to get down to new, clean and slightly etched metal. Then I primered it with DuPont Zinc Chromate primer. Next, I painted it with Dupont Centari Acrylic Enamel automotive paint custom mixed to match the UP Amour Yellow. Then I applied Connie Miracle vinyl decals that I designed and had her make for this car.

$1,650 Reduced to $1,300  This car is available for immediate delivery and pick up at the Michigan Central Railroad in Hadley, Michigan.  Contact me using the form below.

For Sale:  1.5" scale Snow Plow


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Large snow plow with four mounting brackets. You weld the four mounting brackets to the engines pilot. Only the two outside brackets actually need to be bolted to the plow with one 1/4-20 bolt. This working snow plow is about 16.75" long, 6.75" high and about .125" thick. This plow is very sturdy and will plow snow. This is not a snow plow just for decoration on your engine. The plow is brand new, never used

$75.00 plus $12.00 ground shipping to the 48 states. Other locations shipped to at cost.  Located in Michigan.   SOLD 

For Sale:  1.5" scale Lee Wright Ditch Lights


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One pair of Ditch Lights made by the late, great Lee Wright of Illinois. Lee had the ditch light castings special made. They are a true representative of the ditch lights used on Union Pacific and other railroads engines. The main casting is made from brass. The other parts are steel. There is one complete pair of ditch lights with two different types of mounting brackets. There are many extra parts included in this sale. There are extra mounting brackets, three extra lenses, three extra LED reflectors, one extra LED and brass screws for mounting. All you have to do is mount the ditch lights where you want them and hook up the polarized wires to 12 volts DC. Wire them through a toggle switch and you are in business. The ditch light casting is about 1.226" in diameter and .569" thick. These have excellent detail cast into the light housing and look just like the full size ones.

The price for everything is $300.00 including USPS Priority Mail to any US location. Located in Michigan.   SOLD 








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