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For Sale:  Southern Pacific Locomotive Pressure Gauge



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Ashton SP steam gauge. Pressure range 0-500 psi.  Fully works.

$300. Shipping will be based on buyers zip code.   SOLD 



For Sale: Pyle National Adlake Steam Engine Classification Lamps
from a retired
Southern Pacific Engine


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Pyle National Adlake steam engine class lamps from a retired SP steamer from the bay area dated 1924 on the housing. One handle is missing but could easily be replaced with a repro. Lens changer works great in side. Outside lenses need a good cleaning. They are free from chips or cracks.

Price is 1,000 for the pair Reduced to $900  Shipping will be based on buyers zip code.SOLD 



For Sale:  Classification Lamps from SP Commuter Car

 Reduced to $$500 for the pair   

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Pyle National classification lamps from SP commuter car. The lens blocker needs some freeing up. All 4 lamps are original 75 volt bulbs. 50 watts. The cords are ruff

450.00 for the pair.   Reduced to $250 for the pair  Shipping will be based on buyers zip code. Contact me using the form below.














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