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For Sale:
7.25" ga 1.5" scale Steel/Wood Gondola



A beautifully made 1-1/2 scale steel/wood gondola needs a new home.  Stems from the old Atlantic City Live Steamers, complete with a classic paint job, removable seating, rivet details and hidden storage area.  Sits on 7-1/4 Lehigh trucks (can be easily regauged) with Lehigh couplers.  7 long over the couplers, 16 wide.  A real classic that needs a proper home. 

Asking $450 or best offer. Located in Wall, NJ.    SOLD 



For Sale:  Delta-Milwaukee Shaper



Making room for another machine. Up for sale is a 7 Delta-Milwaukee Shaper, #100-219. Excellent condition, 110V, complete with some tooling, vice, motor. Comes with a heavy stand made of angle iron.

Asking $350 obo. Located in Belmar, NJ.    SOLD 


For Sale:  Bench Top Horizontal Mill




Cleaning out the shop to make some room. Up for sale Carter and Hakes horizontal bench top horizontal mill. Excellent condition. This small horizontal precision "stub" milling machine was manufactured from 1904 until 1920 (or possibly later). The miller stood on a 7" x 10" cast-iron base with the single T-slot table being roughly 12" long.

Asking $75 obo. Located in Belmar, NJ.  



For Sale:  16" ga. Pacific Locomotive Project
with patterns

 Reduced to $16,000 

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Magnificent 16 Gauge Pacific locomotive with patterns.  This is a large locomotive based on the proven Little Engines 1-1/2 scale Pacific.  Work done to date is outstanding.  Drivers are 20 diameter, chassis is roughly 12' long.  Research we have done shows that it should be similar in size to
the locomotives found on the Whiskey River Railway ( or ) as an example, although with a good deal more detail which more closely matches the prototype locomotive. Rear truck casting in particular highlights the attention to detail by the builder.   Axles and rods have zirk fittings.  Chassis is regularly lubed, rolled, and everything is stored inside.

All patterns are included with the locomotive to include the cylinder block patterns, however there is no cylinder block casting.  Drawings used were the Little Engines 1-1-/2" pacific drawings which are available from Little Engines.

Inventory would include:

  • Complete rolling chassis to include installed drivers, trailing truck and pony truck.

  • Machined side rods and main rods

  • Most of the valve gear components

  • Tender center beam for the frame Pilot

  • Cylinder block patterns

  • Valve gear patterns

  • Trailing truck patterns

  • Tender truck patterns

  • Driver patterns.

  • Rear frame extension pattern

  • Trailing truck wheel pattern

This is not only an opportunity to own an outstanding locomotive, its also an opportunity to sell additional casting sets for anyone interested in building additional locomotives to this design using the included patterns.

Asking price is $22,500  Reduced to $16,000 for the locomotive and patterns.  Located in southeastern PA.  Contact me using the form below.














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