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For Sale:  3.5" ga. "Anne" by George Murray

 Reduced to $3,500


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My Great Uncle, George Murray, was the publisher of the very first all Live Steam magazine in the USA. For two years, 1950 and 1951, George wrote published and edited, single-handedly, the magazine “The Live Steamer.” 

When he passed, I inherited some partial trains and his favorite train “ANNE (a 0-4-0T) built from what I have been told, off the English “JULIETTE” blueprints.  It measures to be 3.5" gauge. Last run in 2001. I believe it was built in 1956.  Sorry, no current hydro on this.

$5,000  Reduced to 3,500   for Anne and $250 for each flat bed car. Will consider shipping if buyer pays for creating and shipping from Middlefield, CT. Contact me using the form below.










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