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7.5" or 7.25" ga. Southern Pacific
C-30 Caboose Drawing Package



Sample Drawings (low res).  Click to enlarge.
Actual drawings are in hi res.


1.6" scale, 7.5" or 7.25" ga. Southern Pacific C-30 Caboose drawing package.

This drawing package contains the following...

  • 58 fabrication and assembly drawings (produced using Autocad)

  • 11 pages Assembly Procedures

  • 3 page List of Materials, Suppliers, Detail items and Paint Specs.

  • 55 detail photos of prototype and 1.6" scale model caboose. 

Purchasers of this package will receive hard copies of the drawings in the mail and photos of the project will be emailed.


Skill level to complete this project would be about an 8 from a scale of 1-10. There are two pieces which require milling which could be farmed out if necessary. There is a fair amount of welding required to build the frame and the step assemblies, these too could be farmed out. There is a lot of wood work required. The rest of the fabrication requires a small band saw, scroll saw, table saw, router, drill press, grinder, propane torch, solder iron, tin snips, one size tap & die, clamps and various small hand tools.


The information contained in this package along with your skills will produce an excellent prototypically correct caboose. Price: $105.00



I would like to commend you on the quality and completeness of your SP C-30 caboose plans. You have an excellent product there! I was very impressed when I first received them, as the package was very professionally presented in a three ring binder with section dividers.

For anyone considering building this caboose, this is what I found:
Upon opening the binder, I found 3/4 profile color photos of the front and rear of a completed caboose. These photos were followed by a seven page document entitled "Caboose Fabrication & Assembly Procedure" listing 65 steps describing the assembly process and order of operations. This is very helpful as well as being a real time and material cost saver by taking much of the guess work out of the process.

The next section contained a three page list of hardware and detail item suppliers with all of their contact information as well as the paint specifications.

The third and last section contained a Drawing List, indexing the drawings by drawing number and description. All of the drawings (60 of them) were found in numerical order behind this list, with the large sheets correctly and professionally folded with the title bocks visible through sheet protectors.

I have completed the frame weldment, floor, and milling the siding material and as of yet, I have not found any drawing, dimension or instruction discrepancies. FYI, I have selected furniture grade Beech as the siding material as it is much denser (harder) than pine, fir, or birch, yet has a very fine smooth grain unlike oak. This should help minimize the dings and dents that are inevitable over time with use and handling.

So, again, Keith, thank you. Great job on those plans!
Frank Bauer



I recently had a chance to view the drawings and construction packet for the SP wooden caboose that has been developed by Keith Jackman, and was impressed.!  It covers every aspect of the car's construction with individual drawings for each part, sources of the parts commercially if they are available, and fabrication techniques if not, fasteners, siding and roof materials, etc. The 'packaging' of the drawings was well done, put in a one-inch thick notebook, dividers separating the major construction components, clear plastic pouches which contained the larger, fold-out drawings.  Everything was there needed to construct a detailed, board-by-board replica of the caboose.  Since I'm in 2.5" scale narrow gauge, I wish he would do one of these for a narrow gauge passenger car or caboose.? Nicely done, Keith.

Dick Patton




Every time that I saw the caboose picture on your add on Discover Live Steam, I would stop for a moment and dream, "I would sure like to own a caboose that has the charm of this one". My son was standing behind me one day when I said this out loud. Your plan packet showed up under my Christmas tree a few weeks later.

Being a newcomer to this hobby (two years now), I consider myself an average builder. The building instructions explained each step in an understandable sequence. The purchasable parts list explains where to look for every part that is available. And the 60 CAD produced drawings explain how to build every part that is not purchasable. In the end, I can't think of anything that I would change, plus I think they are worth twice what my son paid.

I have completed my C-30 caboose on August 18th, 2011 using your plans. I like to keep track of my time and this project took me a total of 233.75 actual building hours. To me this means, I or anyone for that matter, could build one just like mine in less than 6 weeks, working on it 40 hours per week. But, what's the rush? I had a great time every hour of the way, and I miss those building sessions. So I'm thinking about adding a full interior.

Let me take time to thank you for giving me the opportunity to build what I was dreaming.

David Szromba








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