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For Sale:  7.5" ga. 2 FA "A-A" Passenger Train

 Reduced to $43,000

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Two FA Alco engines with War Bonnet paint scheme 8 years old.

  • 7.5" gauge, 1.6" scale

  • 1st engine powered by gasoline, V16 horse power, gasoline Briggs & Stratton

  • 2nd engine non-powered

  • Operating sound system

  • Both have less than 100 hours running time

  • Engines were built by Rail Systems in Oregon

Engine operates with hand held electronic controller. Controller controls forward, neutral, reverse, diesel engine running sound, bell, railroad crossing horn. .

Included with the sale:

  • One engineer's car (flat car with operator/engineer chair)

  • Two Santa Fe coaches with 6 wheels trucks, powder coated with upholstered seats and vestibules between coaches

  • One observation car (equipment as the coaches above).

Santa Fe passenger cars are almost new and have less than 20 hours of run time.  All engines and cars have brakes.  Trains were run at Chesapeake Allegheny Steam Society Westside Baltimore, MD. 

$50,000.  Reduced to $43,000    Located in the Baltimore area. Sorry, no track available. Contact me using the form below.













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