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The Famous "Artemis" Steam Boat


26 foot motor whale boat converted to steam in 1964. This is a best conversion we have seen to date.
Historic wooden hull boat built in 1944, superstructure added on in the 1964 conversion, with very nice workmanship.

This boat sleeps two and has a galley with sink and two burner cook-top; enclosed head with Chemical toilet. Electric lights, Fathometer, vhf radio and other amenities - all powered by batteries and a small steam driven alternator. A fold out table in the aft cockpit.


Boiler has been replaced with a 75 square foot oil fired insulated boiler by King Bros of Portland Oregon. The ASME code Winslow type water tube boiler produces 300+ pounds per hour at 150 psi.

The engine is of the compound type (two cylinder) that can be run as double simple when you need extra power. The engine is 3" + 6" at 4.5" at 150 psi which will turns the shaft at 320 RPM. This engine has been rebuilt in 1995 with very few hours since.

Boat has been repiped in 1995 and includes gauge board, water cooled condenser, emergency hand feed pump, tachometer, mostly copper and brass piping, very nice smoke stack and brass whistles, running lights. The propeller is 23" diameter with 34" pitch.

You will not find a steam boat this complete on the market very often.  $30,000. Located at the Hesston Steam Museum, Hesston Indiana. For history and more photos click here.  For more information on purchasing this fantastic machine, use the handy form below.













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