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For Sale:  1/12 Scale "Grand Banks Co." Cabin Cruiser
 Reduced to $7,500


Very Rare ship builder’s model for the Grand Banks Company, this is an exact reproduction of the actual 49’ ship.  And it’s the only model ever built for them, with a fully detailed and lighted interior, with teak floors, mahogany paneling, built in furniture, hand rails on the ceiling and an actual working starboard side door to access the deck.

It has full function Radio Control; proportional forward/reverse/turning with twin propellers and rudders, with all working navigation lights.

It has the same fiberglass, teak and mahogany construction for this model as was done with the actual ship; the all teak swim platform at the stern is an intricate work of art.

This model is heavy, approximately 50 pounds and is 43 inches long, 12.5 inches wide and 24 inches high.  It comes with its own large wooden shipping crate.

Asking Price $9,500  Reduced to $7,500  Location South Florida. Contact me using the form below.



For Sale:  1/15 scale R/C Controlled CAT D11R Bulldozer



This CAT D11R bulldozer model has an 8 Channel radio control system with real working hydraulics with a continuous 175 psi pressure loop, integrated with servo actuator ball valves to provide hydraulic lift pressure to cylinders for proportional movement of plow up or down and plow tilt forward and back, Ripper up or down.

The all metal tracks are each independently proportional speed controlled enabling forward, reverse and turning. There is a fully detailed cab interior with ceiling lighting system, there are front and rear LED running lights, sound system has full proportional speed diesel engine sounds with air brake sounds and horn.

It is all electric powered with a 12 volt 9 amp DC Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Custom machined all metal welded superstructure; the Tracks are individually machined. It took more than two years to build. It is approximately 28” long and 17” wide and 18” high and weighs about 150 pounds. The hydraulics and electrical components are from Germany and there is a duplicate spare parts set of the entire hydraulic and electrical components. Several 30 second videos are available by email upon request.

Asking Price $40,000. Reduced to $29,000   Will be shipped from South Florida









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