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For Sale:  CTA Track Switch Machine

     Reduced to $1,250 

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Full size railroad track switch. Formerly used on the Chicago Transit Authority.

Buyer would have the option of the switch shown that I have connected or they can have the switch in the crate that is 100% new never used. The switch shown has only been used by me and never installed on the railroad. Both of these came from CTA surplus. I only need to sell one. So its a buyer pick. The switch is a US&S A-10 transit track switch, its compact for close clearances. It runs on 60 to 120 PSI, the lower the PSI the slower it moves. There is a circuit controller inside the unit that opens and closes so they can connect signals or tie it into there signal system. The keys for manual override of the hand crank are included, manual hand crank is not, I don't have any of those.
The switch used a air controller called a US&S CP Valve. Its pictured as the oval device with a lid Marked with the #7, its being sold separately and is $250.  It works great! These are extremely hard to find, all three coils work. I can help the buyer get them working and provide wiring diagrams.
Here is a link to the switch working.

Switch & valve $2,000  Reduced to $1,250 . $1,000 for the switch alone. Signal not included. Email me with questions using the form below.















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