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1.6" scale Box Car


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Steel sided sheets overlaid on 1/2" Plywood for strength. All steel frame. Aluminum cast ends and doors. PSC detail parts. Price $950.00 with all details added and in primer gray. One color paint add $75.00. 2 color paint add another $100.00. Add Tom Bee trucks and couplers $450.00. Connie Miracle Graphics added for $100. -$150. Can be picked up in West Bend WI. or can be shipped by truck freight. I also build 50' ($1,050.00) and 60' ($1,150.00) Box cars with your choice of Roof Panels and Roof Walks. Double Doors available for $75.00 more. Photos are an example of a 40' Single Door Box Car in primer gray.

Contact me by using the form below. 


40 ft Stock Car in 1.6" scale

Above is the stock car with optional 2 color paint and in primer only (click image).


All steel sides and doors and roof, Aluminum ends, wood slat floor and PSC details.  Built with over 700 hand set functional rivets.

Order this car in primer gray with no trucks or couplers for $950.   Optional 2 color paint (your color choice) add $50.  Or order this as a ready-to-run car complete with 7.25" or 7.5" Tom Bee Trucks and Couplers, PSC details, choice of colors and Miracle Graphics decals $1545 total (plus shipping). 

There are only 3 stock cars available.

Contact me about shipping using the form below.



57' Mechanical Reefer in 1.6" scale



1.6" scale model of a 57' Mechanical Reefer.  Our Reefer is Ready-To-Run.  5 now 4 are available.  Our version of the reefer unit is foam lined and features a roof that opens and a handy drain plug so you can use this car as an ice chest or cooler.  The side doors are non-opening plug doors. Your choice of 2 colors and graphics.   Features Tom Bee Modern Trucks (7.x"), Tom Bee Couplers, PSC Detail parts.    Price $1,750

Contact me using the form below.


1.6" Scale 7.5" BayWindow Cabooses



1.6 scale (1.6"=1') 7.5" gauge Bay Window Caboose.  All metal construction with full details. Comes with Tom Bee Caboose Trucks and Couplers. PSC detail parts. Connie Miracle Graphics. Has windows and molding. Price $1,450.00 with choice of 2 colors and Graphics. Contact me using the form below.



4 Wheel Plymouth Type Switcher
1" scale 7" gauge

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24 Volt all electric 2 axle all wheel drive. Has Axle Hung Motor Drive and Control built by Tom Artzberger's Hartford Shops. Great pulling loco 4-5 cars. Comes with Hand Controller, Phoenix sound, 200 Watt Car Amp 2 Bass Reflex Speakers for great sound. Pro 120 4QD Control Board. Front and rear headlights and full detail. Can be MUed with other Hartford Shops locomotives. I have 2 available ready to run. Pick up in West Bend WI or can ship or deliver in June to the White Creek Railroad in Michigan. Price is $3,700 (each of course)  and includes 1 color body paint and black chassis and lettered for your railroad. Contact me using the form below.

Tractor Trailer in 1/8 scale

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You are looking at a custom built 48 ft semi trailer. This trailer is built to be set on a 1:8 scale 50 or 60 Flat Car . This trailer is 72 long and 14" wide. Body height is 15 3/4" and the wheels are 5". Painted white ready for decals of your favorite truck line. It is made of metal that was laid over 1/2 plywood so the little rivets would hold nice. Has real rubber tires and leaf springs. Rear swinging doors do NOT open. This will sure dress up any flat car. I would prefer the buyer to pick up. I am located 30 miles north of Milwaukee. $600.00 takes it.

I can build a crate to ship by truck but buyer will pay an extra $75.00. This trailer is heavy. I plan to build more at any size. If you would like a 26, 40 or 53 trailer, contact me for a price. I also build containers in 20, 40, 48, 53. Contact me using the form below..









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