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For Sale:  Sunbeam Headlight
 Reduced to $1500

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Very large headlight from a Steam Locomotive. I am told this is a sunbeam headlight removed from a Baldwin steam locomotive. It is very large and in as removed condition, nothing has been done to this light to clean or restore it. The reflector is in place and it looks like all parts are there. We are happy to crate and ship at an additional cost but offer no warrantee on the condition at the time of arrival. some parts can be fragile. Recommend purchasing shipping insurance. This is a nice piece of Steam History for the steam collector.

Our asking price is $1,850  Reduced to $1500 Just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact me using the form below. Contact me using the form below.


For Sale:  NEW 7.5" ga. Trucks




New pair of trucks. No track time. Real roller bearings with heavy axles. 7.5" gauge. Built by General Truck.

We are asking $300 for the pair, ready to ship.   SOLD 




For Sale:  1.5" scale Truck Castings



Truck castings, unmachined. Almost enough parts for two complete trucks. 6 wheel castings and the two bolsters may not be usable. 4 axles and 4 side frames.

Selling all these parts for $125 packed up and ready to ship. 




For Sale:
 7.5" ga. Great Northern Caboose



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Great Northern Caboose for sale, This was Scratched Built by a builder in Oklahoma.. Wired for classification lights and red tail marker light. Comes complete with Trucks and couplers, Just took it out on the rails and it tracked very well.

We are selling this for the special low price of $650.  Christmas Deal $600 Crating and shipping extra.. Just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact me using the form below. 








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