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For Sale:  7.5" ga. Covered Hoppers
Now $1,995 each

Two Covered Hopper Cars for sale. They are a product of Rio Grande Associates in Colorado, these have great details, both have new powder coat and custom Southern Pacific Graphic's, These cars have NO track time. Trucks and couplers included.

Our asking price is $2,495 Now $1,995 plus crate and shipping. 

Located just outside Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact me



For Sale:
 11.5" ga. Kid Steam Hand Pump Cars


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Two Kid Steam hand cars. Both are in very going condition. We purchased them with the idea to re gauge them for our grand children but never got that job done and now the kids are getting too big for them. I hope someone else can get some good use from them.

Re-gauging is the buyers responsibility (both for getting an estimate and getting the work done). The bolsters and axles would need to be shortened or lengthened. 

Does not include track.  No track available.  Sorry, we can not suggest a supplier for 11.5" gauge track.

We are asking $600 each. We will include crate cost if a buyer takes both units.  Located just outside Salt Lake City, Utah.   SOLD 









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