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For Sale:  22' Wells Cargo Trailer

Reduced to $11,500

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22' Wells Cargo Trailer Model EW2225W. Driven 3 times for less than 200 miles. Equipped with: WC-P4 deluxe electrical package, heavy duty (3000 lb. static load capacity) rear corner post jacks, 4 - LT235/80R16 load range 'E' radial tires mounted on 8-bolt vented aluminum wheels, 22 lin. ft. 8' inside height, 2 - pre-framed entry doors - right handed hinge with flush lock and integrated dead bolt, aluminum exterior with white smooth fiberglass interior - door rough opening 30" wide x 80" high, wide body nose cone, 2 spare tires and wheels - (LT235/80R16 load range 'E' radial tires mounted on 8-bolt vented aluminum wheels), plus additional after market upgrades worth over $2,000.00. Custom outfitted for hauling trains.

Asking $12,500 Reduced to $11,500 for the outfit.  Rolling stock not included. Philadelphia, PA area. Contact me using the form below.


For Sale:  7.5" ga. Plum Cove Flat Cars



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 2 Plum Cove flat cars - 7-1/2" gauge, 1-1/2" scale. Includes: riding seat, trucks, couplers, Adirondack chairs, 1/2 gondola and safety chains. Run once.

$1,650. Reduced to $1,350  Philadelphia, PA area. Would rather not split up the pair.












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