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For Sale:
Figure "8" Mars Lights


Figure "8" Mars Light on a platform as pictured above for your F-7's, E-8's........etc. that you place on a shelf in your Locomotive. These Mars Lights come standard with an incandescent bulb. These Mars Lights operate on 12 VDC only.   Click here to view light in action.

$400.00 with free shipping.   To contact me use the form below.


For Sale:
Switch Stands


Switch stands are painted and are a complete unit ready to install on your 7.5" gauge railroad.

The switch stand is 15-1/2" tall with a 3 1/4" red flag. The base is 6" x 2" x 3/16" thick steel with (4) #10 holes for mounting the stand to your cross ties. These switch stands are all welded steel and all associated pieces are made from aluminum and stainless steel to prevent rusting.

A complete set-up sells for $75 each plus shipping.

The switch stand can be purchased separately without the point throw mechanism for $50  plus shipping.

Our location is in Northern California near Sacramento, CA. To contact me use the form below.
















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