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Books on  Live Steam Railroading  and related subjects

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Fall Book Sale
Machine Shop Know-How

If you’ve ever wished you could take all of the knowledge of a master machinist and pour it directly into your brain, here is your chance. Machine Show Know-How proves that there are no secrets in the machine shop, just information that is rarely documented—until now. This book focuses on manually controlled machine tools, but moves beyond the basics to present the problem-solving insights, shop shortcuts, and clever tips and tricks that normally take years of first-hand shop experience to learn.


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Fall Book Sale
"Welding Know-How
Tips & Techniques of Master Welders

From the author of "Machine Shop Essentials" and
"Machine Shop Know-How" comes this brand new book.

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Fall Book Sale

Building the Climax
Do you dream about building your own working steam locomotive? Here's an exciting locomotive to build & operate.
by Kozo Hiraoka.

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Fall Book Sale

Building the Heisler  
For a geared locomotive, this design is basic enough for the beginning machinist.. by Kozo Hiraoka.


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Fall Book Sale

Rudy's Model Steam Tractor

Rudy's Case-style traction engine project that was originally published in Popular Mechanics magazine. The drawings in this book were hand drawn by Rudy himself, and have been only gently enhanced using a modern CAD program, allowing them to retain their original craftsman's touch. 80 pages spiral bound.  By Rudy Kouhoupt

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Fall Book Sale
Falk No. 1 Locomotive

Build your own steam locomotive. At about 65 pounds, the Falk Logging Locomotive is a small, simple engine that's easy to lift and transport.

by Wm. M. Harris.

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Start Building Tonight

Download these easy-to-follow
Gondola Plans

Build your own, No Welding Required, "riding scales" railroad car in 1/8 (1-1/2") scale using these easy-to-follow plans.  As built, this plywood car is 6' long, 16-1/2" wide.  With the addition of seats, 2 average sized adults can ride comfortably on your favorite 7-1/4 or 7-1/2" gauge railroad.

Step by step photos and drawings are especially designed for modelers who are not equipped to do welding

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Measured drawings to produce the
Multi-Purpose Car
by Tom and Steve Waterfall
Includes 6 pages of drawings.

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Building the CliShay

Build a classic live steam locomotive. Excellent project for the beginning or amateur machinist.

by Robert Maynard.





  One of our best sellers 

Building the New Shay

The 1920s geared locomotive

Step by step "How To" build a 1920s prototype locomotive engineered in 3/4" scale with instructions for scaling up to 1-1/2" scale. This is the fifth in a fabulous series.

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Great First Project

The Pennsylvania A3 Switcher
How can a beginner build a steam locomotive?  Kozo will show you how.  His simple step by step approach is great for the beginning or amateur machinist.  The Penn Switcher is a simple "Rod" engine, perfect as a first locomotive.
by Kozo Hiraoka.

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Most Popular Book on the subject  

So You Want to Build a Live Steam Locomotive?
The "Must Have" for all live steam railroaders. Thinking about steam locomotives or building from scratch or a kit?  You will find yourself referring to this book at every turn.
by Joseph F. Nelson.

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Everyone Loves the Shay

Building the Shay  
Shays can out pull most all locos, even on rough track. The shay is a real favorite. by Kozo Hiraoka.





 The New Guide to the Large Scale Railroading

"The Live Steam Hobby"
An in depth look at steam engines, boilers, track, wheels, etc.


You'll need a mentor when you're doing live steam railroading. Let Jeff Frost be your mentor. Real steam is not easy but it's not as difficult as it seems with Jeff pointing out what you need to know to run and maintain your steam locomotive and other equipment.

Covers the basics for operating a steam engine (coal, oil and propane) to the basics of the behavior of the water inside the boiler and boiler safety. It also addresses potential reasons why an engine may be a poor steamer or a poor runner along with different aspects to look at, fix and modify, how to set Walschaert and Stephenson valve gear, make and install tires on the wheels, inspect the mechanical and boiler aspect of engines, improvements for the firebox and smokebox along with other useful tips and explanations of why things are done in certain ways. Many aspects can be applied to steam and diesel engines of any scale and can be used on engines around the world.

Contains 302 pages, 363 photos and 39 illustrations.

 download price $25.50

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Build the "Goose"
Goose #1 CAD Drawing Set

By Jim O'Connor with help from Laurence Johnson

The original RGS Goose #1 was scrapped years ago but you can build your own 7.25 or 7.5" gauge "Goose" to run on the days you can't run your larger engine. Or take your "easy-to-transport" electric goose to neighboring tracks (requires two 12 volt deep cycle batteries).

Introductory Special $30 (for download)

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 The "How To" Track Building Book

Build a 7-1/2" Gauge Railroad in your Backyard

(Includes  Dimensions for 7-1/4" Track)

Back when Laurence Johnson was building his backyard railroad, there were no books like this to show him the way.  He had  to teach himself how to build his own track, switches and the other things to complete his own backyard railroad.. His research and the experience gained during construction will prove invaluable to the beginner and expert alike.

Includes chapters on the following important topics:

Aluminum Rail, Groovy Track, Ballast, Rail and Tie Spacing, Bending Rail, Building Switches, All About Frogs, Constructing a Diamond, Calculating Curves, Calculating Grade, What's my Maximum Grade, Super Elevation, Figuring Costs, Drainage, Grade Crossings, Bridges, Trestles, Weed Barriers, Right-Of-Way Maintenance and much much more.

Over 112 pages of valuable text and dozens of illustrations and photos to show every step of construction. 

This new book by Laurence Johnson includes chapters on the following important topics:

  • Aluminum Rail

  • Groovy Track

  • Ballast

  • Rail and Tie Spacing

  • Bending Rail

  • Building Switches

  • All About Frogs

  • Constructing a Diamond

  • Calculating Curves

  • Calculating Grade

  • Super Elevation

  • Figuring Costs

  • Drainage

  • Grade Crossings

  • Bridges

  • Trestles

  • Weed Barriers

  • Right-Of-Way Maintenance and much much more.

116 pages of text and over 200 color photos, drawing, sketches to show every step of construction. Spiral bound to open flat.


Civil Engineering for Outdoor Railroads vol. 1
by Douglas van Veelen.   Authorhouse

A practical guide for hobbyists, landscape architects, amusement park planners and tourist railroad managers.  Learn about super elevation, vertical curves, profile measuring, drainage and many other topics related to the design and maintenance of 3.5" to 42" gauge railroads.  Also included, 2 chapters on "Surveying Basics". 200 pages.


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A "Must-Have" in the Machine Shop

Machine Shop Essentials: Questions & Answers  (second edition)
Do you wish you had an expert guide you with your live steam locomotive project?  Learn the ins and outs of lathes, milling machines & lots more. Don't power up your lathe or mill without this newly revised reference guide.
by Frank M. Marlow, PE.

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The Offical "FRED"
of the
Live Steam Hobby

Order a Pair of Free FREDs

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1/8 scale drawings for Live Steam/ Diesel Model Makers vol.1

Over 35 highly detailed "blue prints" to build rail cars, track side buildings, switch stands and much more.  Available on CD disk only. 


Was  $49.99   Now $39.99


1/8 scale drawings for Live Steam/ Diesel Model Makers vol.2

This book on CD offers 39 new drawings, highly detailed "blue prints" to build rail cars, track side buildings, and much more.  Available on CD disk only. 

 Was  $49.99   Now $39.99


1/8 scale drawings for Live Steam/ Diesel Model Makers vol.3

This CD features 35 project including 2 cabooses, a T style riding car and a 3-in-one combination car.  Available on CD disk only. 

 reg  $49.99   Now $39.99

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CAD Drawings Combo Deal

This CD Combo Deal contains all three CAD drawing discs for   Available on CD disk only. 

($119.97 if sold separately, save $20) 
reg. $39.99 each

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