I put a lot of myself into this Goose project.  It's a fun little vehicle to run arount the track on.  Plus, it looks cool.

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Build the NEW all electric 3 axle
Rio Grande Southern "Goose #1"

RGS Goose #1 CAD Drawing Set

Designed by Jim O'Connor, drawings by Laurence Johnson, castings by Jerry Braun.

Business was terrible during the depression for the Rio Grande Southern and there was not enough freight or passengers to justify running the high maintenance steamers on the line on a daily bases. A rail truck built from a Buick was the answer. The $800 "Goose" paid for itself in less than a month. Here's a great article I recommend reading.  And watch this video.

The original RGS Goose #1 was scrapped years ago but you can build your own goose (7.25 or 7.5" gauge) to run on the days you can't run your larger engine. Or take your "easy-to-transport" electric goose to neighboring tracks (requires two 12 volt deep cycle batteries). 


This drawing package includes almost a dozen highly detailed CAD drawings with all dimensions given. It also includes 16 high-res photos of the RGS#1 full scale reproduction at the Ridgeway Railway Museum.  Also included are builders notes and photos.

Not included with this package but available from A Hobby Foundry are a set of aluminum castings for the cab and other parts. The drive motor, controller and front truck can be purchased from "Plum Cove Studios".

Some basic welding and wood working skill is required.  At just a tad over 4' long, it's easy to transport. 

Purchase the drawing package (available as a download or on CD disc) today.


The Goose below uses our castings and plans but with the builder's own wheels and other details.





Goose Drawings Package Download

regular price $35
Introductory Price $30

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Goose Drawings Package on CD Disc

  regular price $40
Introductory Price $35

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Castings Set Special Offer

For a limited time, you can receive a $40 discount on the purchase of a set of Goose Castings when you purchase a set of Goose Drawings offered above.



Goose Parts Special Offer
from Plum Cove Studios



Discover Live Steam Goose Package Special

Power Axle $395
Arch Bar Truck $200
Controller $395


$990 (normal price)

Goose Package Special  

$995* When you buy all 3


*boxing and shipping included.
A 3% credit card/paypal fee may apply if applicable.

Order from Plum Cove Studios.


Customer's Photos
Your Goose can be built Your Way!

Built by Bob Crone click to enlarge

Built by Lowell Eggert

Built by Lowell Eggert

Built by Bill Derr  click to enlarge

Built by Laurent Malterre  click to enlarge

James Alkire's Goose under construction

Built by Pete Machen   click to enlarge

Built by Charles Gresham  click to enlarge

Built by James Alkire   click to enlarge

The "Blue Goose" built by Ray Ingram from Australia.   click to enlarge




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