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CAD Drawings for the Live Steam Hobby vol. 3

35 Scale Projects!

Each Drawing is Professionally Rendered using state of the art computer software!  These are heavily detailed.

Volume Three includes these drawings:

  • CB&Q Caboose
    This is a Narrow Gauge late 1800s wooden 2 axle caboose
  • "T" style Passenger Riding Car 
    This six foot car will fit into the back of a pickup truck; a modified "T" passenger car with a drop center.
  • 3-in-1 Car
    A flat car, riding car and box car all in one. There are several variations here you can use to built this combination car, I have drawn this design using mostly steel in fabricating the flat car, T passenger car and box car.
  • Plywood Gondola
    A simple design that can haul passengers or gravel with equal ease.


  • Side Door Wooden Caboose
    A narrow gauge side door wooden caboose from 1880s.


  • Corrugated steel boxcar
    This is a design that one car company used between 1900 and WWI. I ordered some steel from a washboard outfit and came up with this model.
  • Covered bridge
    I needed to shoot over a dip in the ground and make a slight curve. This will be fun having this covered bridge in that location for both the engineer and passengers.
  • Grade Crossing
    How to build a grade crossing that will handle large truck loading any time of the year.
  • Engineer's Car
    For those who need a two truck engineer's car.


  • Low Side Gondola
    Low Sided Gon Cars were used on short lines where they used manpower to shovel coal from the ground into the gon car and then from the gon car into the tender. Used this way before the Depression.


  • 2 Mystery Switches
    A 50' and 60' radius wiggle switch with #6 frogs.


  • Oyster Car
    Stillwell Oyster Cars were used to carry live oysters from the Gulf to Kansas City, MO.


  • 3 Coupler Pocket Designs
    I needed to allow my cars go through some of my tight track radii, here are several drawings for building coupler pockets.
Drawings by Laurence Johnson more about the author

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CAD Drawings for the Live Steam Hobby, vol. 3
 (on CD)   
All 39 High Quality CAD Drawings

Who will love this CD?
This book CD is great for those of us that love to work with our hands.  You may have been searching for scaled drawings to build those large ride on train cars and other items.  Drawings like that are very tough to find.  This CD is what you've been searching for. Author and retired CAD (computer aided design) instructor Laurence Johnson has been designing and building 1/8 scale railroad equipment for his miniature railroad for years.  Laurence starts buy creating a detailed scale drawing for every project with great results. 

Slightly More Advanced.
Generally, these plans are slightly more advanced that vol. 1 or vol. 2. To build these models you will need wood working skills and shop equipment such as saws, drill presses, etc.  Many drawings require light wire welding or stick welding.  These are not step by step instructions but measured drawings that you can follow to produce some great scale models with as much detail or as little detail as you want.

This book on CD is Windows and Mac compatible.  Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Free downloads of Acrobat Reader are available from Adobe.  Here's a TEST: If you can open
this file (click to try), you already have Acrobat Reader working on your computer. No downloads necessary.


Comments on vol. 1


"Received the drawings.  They are excellent. Lots of good ideas."

Ron Nott

"Drawings are very good and useful.  I plan to build both stock cars and the later version of the pickle car in the near future.  The flat cars will come later."

Arthur Morris


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There's no telling how may cool things you will build!

*Some projects may be substituted for others without notice (write me for the most up to date list). Drawing revisions and support will be available on line. All drawings are 2007-2010 Back Yard Train and Laurence Johnson. Reproducing this CD without written permission is wrong
Mr. Johnson is counting on proceeds from CD sales to supplement his pension). more about the author