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"...I track where most of the hits on my web site come from, when, etc. My stats show that about 90% of the hits on my website come from "Discover Live Steam". So you are playing a very important part in my business. Many thanks!"

Rich Eaton
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Discover Live Steam is the top web site on the subject of Live Steam and Diesel Model Railroading.  We consistently rank at the top of all major search engines.  We have also developed a strong following of visitors that rely on Discover Live Steam for the latest news and products.


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We had 10,949 unique visitors to our main home page in the first 27 days of December, 2016.  That works out 407 per day!  Roughly half of our visitors enter our site via the address (that's our Home Page). If you want maximum exposure, choose our Home Page.


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The people that visit our "Buy n Sell" pages are looking for large scale model railroad equipment and are in the mood to buy.  Folks looking for equipment check this site regularly for bargains or that rare find.  These repeated visits will expose them to your message many times.  Our visitors can't always find what they want in used equipment and may think about buying new. 

Most of the advertisers in our "Buy n Sell" pages are "Live Steam Entrepreneurs" meaning they are in the business of providing products or services to our visitors. 

Other advertisers here feel that live steam modelers and railroad fans will be interested in the product or service they offer.

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