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I ask questions of our web visitors from time to time in an effort to understand the needs, wants and background of live steamers. Or sometimes, just for fun.



1.5_or 1.6 What scale is your 7.5" gauge model train?
Paint Schemes Which is your favorite railroad paint scheme
Locomotive Census Tell us about your locomotives.
favorite locomoitve What is your favorite prototype locomoitve?
Hobby Enjoyment What activity gives you the most enjoyment in the Live Steam hobby?
Battery Survey Tell us about your battery system.
Best railroad towns Which town has done the most for full scale railroading. Which town has full scale railroading had the greatest impact on?
Your Favorite Riding Scale Railroads Which Scale Railroads are your favorites to visit?
Wacky Questions What was the funniest or strangest questions ever asked at their railroad
Car Types How many of each car type do you run?
Internet Question At your live steam track, how many live steamers/dieselers use the internet?
How "Young" are you? How old are the live steamers that visit this web site.
Are Live Steamers Rich? What is your approximate household income (in US dollars)?
Favorite RR Films Name a favorite film that features railroading or has a memorable railroad scene.
Hobby Next to Live Steam and Diesel Model Railroading, what is your favorite hobby?
Derailments What have you found to be one cause of derailments and what was done to correct the problem?
Signals What type of signal system is in use at your railroad?
Your Favorite What's your favorite part of the hobby?
Home Where in North America do you call home?

Internet Speeds

Are you happy with how fast our main page loads?

Getting started in the hobby

How did you get introduced to this hobby?

Boiler Chemical

Do you use boiler chemical in your live steam locomotive? 

Blowdown question

How often do you blow down your boiler?

2005 Resolution

Tell us your live steam New Year's Resolution.

Christmas Survey

What do you want for Christmas?

Fuel Survey

What type of fuel do you use?

Where's in the world is Home Where is your home?

General survey Results

What's your day job? How long have you been in the hobby. Do you build your own, buy ready made or a mix of the two?

Rolling Stock Survey

Are you most interested in ready to run equipment, kits, etc?

Gauge Survey

What gauge do you model in?

Road Trips

How often do you run at other tracks? How far do you travel?

*Because the information provided in our surveys is not based on scientific polling methods, the accuracy can not be determined with any degree of certainty.