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In the US, which town across this great land is the best railroad town?
 In other words: Which town, in your opinion, has done the most for full scale railroading....and....
Which town has full scale railroading had the greatest impact on?

The Results
You told us these towns (see list below) are the best for full scale railroading in the US. 

Here are some of the comments

Cass, West Virginia

The combination of the railroad, the mill town, the historical presentation with HO diorama of the town and a superb train ride experience together with the fine collection of geared locomotives. The completeness of the railroad assets on display make Cass a unique experience that justifies the trek into the West Virginia hinterlands. It's the best tourist railroad overall experience in the East if not the entire country.

Cass, West Virginia

The Equipment is original, the railroad is original, the town is original, the operations are close to original..

they Double head on a regular basis because they have to, they have a full shop, they have 6 steamers running, even at the same time, you can stay in a caboose overnight, you can stay in a company house, they have a museum, the scenery is awesome, they are open everyday, they draw the crowds, they have photo runs

theyhave shop tours, they have hand cars you can pump and ride...etc etc

Chicago, Illinois

Before the railroads made it to Chicago, there was not much more than a series of mud flats. Right from the start, Chicagoans realized that the railroads could make their city something special, and by the time Mrs. O'Leary's cow was charged with knocking over a lantern and setting the city ablaze, Chicago had turned itself into a major hub for America's railroad lines.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, and Chicago area was the worlds biggest rail hub a 100 years, and is still is a big rail hub. If you want to see railroad action and railroads at work. Come to Chicago. Also we have more hobby shops and model railroad shows in the world. Also have the the worlds largest railway museum the ILLINOIS RAILWAY MUSEUM, there are about a 100 volunteers many of them have been working there for more than 30 years. Several of them, that have passed away have had there ashes spread along museums main right away. Also do not forget the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago where you can spend all day there looking at big locomotives that broke speed records and small trains. The museum is were the 1893 Worlds Fair took place. Chicago always will be a railroad town.....

Durango, Colorado

Taking you into the past, with old narrow gauge equipment. The scenery is breathtaking, not like the others on this list, where you see modern day buildings and vehicles..

Durango, Colorado

Better selection of other things to do along with the Railroad. Been to both Cass and Durango. I like Cass the best, with the feeling of going back to that era, but in terms of doing other things besides the trip up the mountain, Durango has Cass beat.

Kansas City, Missouri

The history surrounding the dozens of railroads that operated through the city, the currently operating tourist railroads, the railroad museums and surviving depots, and the numerous live steam tracks that are operating or under construction.

Portland, Oregon

UP, BNSF, Portland terminal, Portland and western, Oregon Pacific, Max light rail, Portland street car, SP&S700, SP4449, (and all Doyle's vintage diesels), amtrak Empire builder, Amtrak coast starlight, Amtrak Cascades... Willamette shore trolley..... Do I need to go on???

Chama New Mexico

The best by far though is, , home to the Toltec & Cumbers R/R. The Cumbers is a living Railroad Museum. Still powered by coal fired steam engines, they often run a triple header over the high mountain passes of Northern New Mexico, pulling cars filled with passengers seeking breathtaking views of the canyons, scenery, and craving the excitement and experience of riding a authentic 19th century railroad.

Sacramento, California

Sacramento Locomotive Works! Need I say more? Southern Pacific built their own locomotives here, and maintained many more. Sacramento is the birthplace of the Sierra Crossing, where Crazy Judah ran around trying to sell his dream. The Big Four lived & made their money in Sacramento that got things cooking for the Central Pacific to begin an Eastern movement in an effort to join the Pacific with the Atlantic. Fast-forward to present day, Sacramento has the California State Railroad Museum, home of the only remaining Cab-forward and so many other wonderfully restored locomotives such as the C.P. Huntington.

Strasburg, Pennsylvania

The Red Caboose Motel, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Choo Choo Barn, Strasburg Railroad Shop, railroad antiques in almost every antique store, old time feel along the SRRC route, Steam meets Electric at Paradise, PA, every person at the railroad I ran into said hello, the shop tours, Cagney live steamer, and Authentic Steam Locomotives

Strasburg, Pennsylvania

The Strasburg RR is the oldest Railroad still operating under its original charter, and the Railroad Museum of PA is located across the road.