Tell us your live steam New Year's Resolution.

To offer every Diesel guy a chance to run a real locomotive!

Finish my steam locomotive; runs on air but needs to run on steam!

Pull irons out of the fire by finish projects.

Get some more track down & build at least one new car this year.

to build 4 bridges on the railroad this year. as well as, 800 feet of track and build one peice of rolling stock a month

to lay my first switch

Finish What I Started. Laying 1600' track, finishing 5 tank cars, finish the decals on 2 semitrailers, finish the decals on 5 railcars.  That pretty much sums it up.

Spend more time at the track and running my equipment.  Finish several half-done projects.

To get more involved with the operation of my club.

To get my 1 1/2" scale Cli-Shay completed and running by August 2006

To finish section of track from main line to engine house in order to leave train in service, and to do more traveling to other locations and run those tracks for further ideas.

to build better looking, more detailed rolling stock.

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